Maureen Dempsy:
"A great job done! Vinnie was prompt and very thorough. I highly recommend the company."



Drywall, spackle, tape, interior and exterior painting, ceramic tile, crown, chair, base molding, grouting, remodel baths, remodel kitchens, remodel basements, stain, repair and build decks, install windows, doors, wainscoating, powerwashing, install laminate or hardwood floors, siding, replace brick, stone steps, repair or replace fences etc. etc. etc.


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New Jersey Handyman Services - NJ Handyman Heroes

What we don't have are asterisks explaining additional costs or hidden small print gimmicks or sneaky fuel surcharges. Our rates are exactly the same Monday through Sunday 365 days a year. No salesman will come to your home - only a craftsman whom you can trust with your house keys!

Fed up with no shows or no return calls? We never disappoint you!

In fact, if any of our handymen can't get to our customers on time he can't work for Handyman Heroes. Our handymen have to phone us when they arrive at an appointment to prove they're on time. We know you're busy so we make appointments that have a reasonable window of half an hour instead of vague promises to "be there in the morning" or "sometime in the afternoon." (Our men also have to call us when they arrive to work on a job so we know they're prompt.)

We're open from 9am to 9pm seven days a week. Most times, an actual person will answer your call. If not, we'll be back to you as soon as possible. We return all calls. Even if we don't do the work you need we'll try to refer you to a reliable contractor who does.

We're fully licensed and insured and our men will show you written proof of the same. We service most of New Jersey.

All Our Craftsmen Have Passed Background Checks

We have actual contracts with our customers, not merely "estimates." Estimates are a gimmick. A contractor sells you a job for say, three days. Then along the way he comes to you and says he miscalculated and the job will take five days. You say, "But I have a contract!" He says, "No, you have an estimate." Legally, of course, he's correct. But he's certainly not right ethically. We give you exact prices that are guaranteed. So if a job takes us longer you don't pay a penny extra.

NJ Contractors Lic # 13VH04667100

When your work is completed you'll be asked to sign a form which states that you're satisfied. You'll also speak to an authorized person in our office to make positively sure you're satisfied.

At Handyman Heroes we'll do all we can to dispel the notion that old fashioned good help and good service are a thing of the past.

So: when you need to drywall it, spackle it, paint it, tile it, grout it, side it, window it, floor it, assemble it, stain it, seal it, add to it, or remodel it call Handyman Heroes at (888)625-4840. We're open from 9am to 9pm seven days a week.

We don't charge anything extra for weekend work.
Open from 9am - 9pm seven days a week.

Call us right now at (888)625-4840

Reliable, Registered Craftsmen Positions Available