Patrick Madden:
"The job was done great! Very prompt. Didn't cost a penny more that what I was quoted. I'm very pleased with the job and I'll be having Handyman Heroes back for more work next week."



Drywall, spackle, tape, interior and exterior painting, ceramic tile, crown, chair, base molding, grouting, remodel baths, remodel kitchens, remodel basements, stain, repair and build decks, install windows, doors, wainscoating, powerwashing, install laminate or hardwood floors, siding, replace brick, stone steps, repair or replace fences etc. etc. etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: My husband and I need to get some work done at our new house, but we both work. When can a salesman come to talk to us?
ANSWER: Firstly, we don't employ salesmen. The craftsperson who is going to do your job is the same person who comes to your home. And because we are aware that in many homes both husband and wife work, we have weekend and evening appointments available seven days a week.

QUESTION: Will I have to pay extra if someone comes out or works on the weekend?
ANSWER: There is no extra charge for evening or weekend work.

QUESTION: How do I know the price you give me at the beginning of the job is the price I'll pay? Last time I had work done, it ended up costing me twice the original estimate.
ANSWER: We don't ever give estimates. Our price is guaranteed. If your job takes longer than we anticipated, we DO NOT ask you to pay more.

QUESTION: What about materials? How much do you mark them up?
ANSWER: We don't mark them up at all because we don't handle them. The customer supplies all materials - it's cheaper that way. If you like, you can pay your handyman to pick up the material for you or you can have the store deliverit to you, etc.

QUESTION: Will you do work at my office?
ANSWER: We will do work for small, independent shop owners (doctors, dentists, etc.) We do not, however, do other commercial work.

QUESTION: Do you have any system for quality control?
ANSWER: Absolutely. Once your job is finished, you'll be asked to sign a form stating that the work has been completed to your satisfaction. You'll also be asked to confirm verbally, to an authorized person in our office, that you're happy.

QUESTION: Do you have insurance?
ANSWER: Certainly. We're registered and insured, as required by NJ law.

QUESTION: Can I just call and make an appointment? How long between the time I make the appointment and someone comes out?
ANSWER: Just phone the office. We can usually schedule someone with the same or next day.